Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Into the wind she looked, and far away from her
he felt something tear at the scaffolding that held up his eyes.

The beach was empty, but full of life. A tear
trickled down his cheek. He had no control over this.

Slowly she clambered down the jugged rock path.
Something acidic judded and prodded at his stomach.

Soon she was on the sand. She removed her shoes
and felt the cold of the sand. A haze of whiteness hit his eyes.

Then she removed all her clothes until she stood
fully naked, the wind blowing. His stomach cramped.

She walked forward purposely into the water.
Outside the window the sun was setting.

Onward and on, never stopping, her eyes never leaving the green ray
on the horizon. The clouds were a mixture of crimson and amber. His throat was dry.

Soon the water took her. Slowly the pain in his stomach
eased. His anxiety subdued. A bead of sweat dripped down his face.

Discarded clothes scattered across rocks. The beach again empty.
He observed the sun, 'What beauty' he whispered to himself.

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