Tuesday, 18 August 2009

And little yellow, she swims in silouettes made from discarded things
and wind, as raindrops pour all around,
drenching the moon in a fickle glow of soft hymns and evening serenade.
Sunlight pours true, into your heart and from here into mine also,
where it swells in an ocean of carelessness and wonder and yellow brimmed smiling hats.
I sing in the daytime,
i sing in the evening,
i sing everywhere
as it is you, the you of everyone, from my youth to now,
who grants me this power to sing, strong and for myself and now.

It has always been this way, the trick is to realize this,
and to embrace the lament, and learn the depths of yourself
and it is through this that i celebrate myself
and my nature
and my song.

Ths day is alive with wonder.
It has always been
and it will always be this way.
It is up to us to see it and to rejoice in its splendour
and to rejoice in ourselves.

Little melancholic tides will cross our shores once in a while,
sometimes of our own cause, sometimes from somewhere else or some unknown point.
But these are only temporary,
as is all life, and this too will pass.
So breathe now and rejoice in small joy,
as every atom is in my hand,
as it is in yours too.

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