Tuesday, 18 August 2009

And from the sun there came a wave of light.
A shout or scream of intoxicating movement
that shattered and tore at everything in its path.
Scattering black dust into soft limbs of disgust
as it moved across the space, we call space.
Heading towards a point unknown,
a tearing throbbing beam of uncomplicated
unflattering flames, which grabbed like greedy
hands at all that passed in its way,
leaving nothing in its wake.

It was fear. It was hate. It was pain. It was joy.
A kalaedoscope of ecstacy and emotion,
that spread and spread and spread, consuming all before it,
and releasing nothing.
A pain of noise. What noise.
A sigh from an old man sitting silently on an armchair
in the corner of a crowded bar. Unoticed but
with great firms of power,
its trick being that this power was never exerted
or would ever need to be.

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