Sunday, 19 July 2009

and with my hand in your hand
and with my eyes open wide
i tried to resist the temptations of escape
and with my poor mourning mind
and with my caring best of times
i started myself wide open.

and now the night appears,
in the morning
when all the tears,
have finished falling
as i sleep.

Across the river bay, i stir and look for you
on the reflection of the water,
and i now know what is true.
That when you said i was making a mistake
in taking the steps to break,
all i knew,
I was wrong in leaving you,
was I wrong in leaving you?

But now our paths are being wandered
there is no turning round
to look and to wonder
at what i left behind.
I must now strive forward,
in an acceptance of this fate
and attempt to embrace
what is new and is feared and blindingly bright.

Being comfortable in your own company;
contentness of the self,
is the first step towards the acceptance of death
something we try so hard to avoid,
yet cannot remain hidden from.

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