Sunday, 21 February 2010

as it is for all

The water moves along the shoreline in waves,
streams of celebrating motions, embarking
constantly upon new and exciting journeys.
Its watery skin bears a noiseless repetition of motion
held within evergliding folds of soft blue calm.
This is a rhythm that resonates within us all,
a song held in all our throats
as we await the song of moonlight, or the warmth of the sun to release us,
out into the world where all can hear and join to sing.

May the moon be a guide to our emotions, the sun rebuild our fallen walls,
and the water a calm to our soul.
But only that; a guide, an aid, a calm.
For it is ourselves who must reach out and grab at the world from a point that is our own.

There is an I and there is the universe,
and both of these are me,
as a bearded man observed
that every atom that is me, is you also,
and living is a game, so let us play.

let it be serious, but always may we act with sincerity
let us see the beauty, wonder and awe that exists
within each droplet of colour and voice
let us work to find our individul path, and use this to aid others, not to turn our backs
let us love, be loved, feel the pain of love, but love again.
because we know that it is only our perception that drives how we think, feel and fall.

And as evening closes tonight
let us be content with this end,
knowing that for night to fall, day must begin again.
Within the stars i can see whole worlds to explore
but it is my eyes that hold these world, not the stars
where dream and adventure and the fantastical exist
as it is for all of you.

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