Thursday, 29 October 2009

Go Forward

'Go forward' she said in the turn of a song,a whisper flisping from her mouth in trickles of early morning clearings.
I lay there still and said nothing. My silence a clsap upon the room.
The wallpaper began to rot and i began again to mouth words until slowly noises of voices
came out, but none of them were mine.
The things that were said i will not mention. They were unpleasant. Let me leave it at that.
The room echoed under this thunder.
But she was not shaken at all by this, until at the voices subdued and again i fell silent beneath the tears of this situation.
She stood up and moved towards the window. Staring at some object far away.
As she stared every cavern, every crook, every shadow within the room began to ramble and ripple with the words 'go forward'
building into an insatiable soundscape creschendo of confusion, that i could neaither withstand nor withdraw from.
Sweat poured from my eyes. Blanching my skin in a sultry bleach, which spread all over my body,and all over the bed.
And still, throughout all of this she stood still at the window, staring outward, her body unmoving.
Silence filled the room, my sweat ceased to pour and she turned from the window to face me,
and mouthed the words...'go forward'.

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